Mansmith Market Masters Awards (MMMA)

Is the 1st and only recognition for senior marketers based not just on corporate performance but on mentoring of Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (Mansmith YMMA) winners.

Over the past decade, the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards has celebrated the remarkable talent and creativity of the Filipino youth in the fields of Marketing and Sales. But we have also discovered that there are outstanding people who guided and supported the winning achievements of our Mansmith YMMA winners.

In celebration of Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards’ 14th year and Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.’s 30th year, we continue our thrust of building a supportive environment in the marketing community by recognizing the extraordinary marketing mentors who have demonstrated a tireless commitment to help shape Filipino marketing rock stars, fostering the spirit of excellence among the next generation of marketers.



As marketers, we have this exciting role of being able to lead change, enable possibilities and create brands that can shape and influence quality of lives. It is a huge responsibility where we must hold ourselves accountable for making whatever transformation relevant, high impact, and purposeful.

In our pursuit toward professional and personal development, most of us have been blessed to have the guidance of mentors who have made that journey challenging yet endurable, and have paved the way for their mentees to pursue opportunities to grow, develop, and become the excellent Filipino marketers they are today.

As lifelong learners ourselves, we share with our Mansmith Young Market Masters Awardees the same reverence for our teachers who were or are part of our learning journeys. We have become the mentors that we are now because there was, at least, one dedicated coach who cared to acknowledge our potentials, believed in our capacities to grow, and allowed us to soar. While a mentor-mentee relationship is always a two-way street, spotting potential and inspiring that talent to become an independent thinker and action-oriented leader is something we must attribute to the mentor.

It is, now, our honor and privilege to present to you this year’s mission-driven marketing leaders distinctly recognized as the 3rd Mansmith Market Masters Awardees – Dennis Balajadia of the Dragon Edge Group, Kenneth Andrew Lingan of Google Philippines, Rosalyn Aquino Simba of Nestle Philippines, and Robert Ramon Trota of the Max’s Group, Inc.

Together with their teams and mentees, they have changed the business landscapes in benevolent and beneficial ways, while unceasingly raising the bar of excellence in leading their companies toward bigger growth and even bigger innovations.

Our big congratulations to Dennis, Ken, Rosa, and Robert! May you keep developing, touching and inspiring lives of young Filipino marketers, for a better and progressive Philippines!

Very truly yours,


Co-founder, Mansmith Market Masters Awards
Chairman, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

Co-founder, Mansmith Market Masters Awards
President and Managing Director, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

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